Kristjan has a master degree in Innovation Management from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has spent several years working with sustainability at the world's largest Wind Turbine Manufacturer from the Hamburg and Beijing offices. In the latter, where he was responsible for sustainable procurement and supply chain intelligence across the Asia Pacific region



Sustainable Procurement

In the realm of sustainable procurement, he contributed significantly to the establishment and monitoring of environmental and social sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for suppliers. His responsibilities extended to overseeing sustainability project groups, ensuring the adoption of responsible sourcing practices and guaranteeing a sustainable supplier base. Additionally, he conducted training sessions for both internal and external stakeholders, fostering a comprehensive understanding of sustainability principles

Supply Chain Intelligence

Within the domain of supply chain intelligence, Kristjan collaborated closely with leading market intelligence firms. His efforts resulted in the delivery of comprehensive intelligence reports to the Asia Pacific management team. Notably, he spearheaded initiatives to expand a supply chain presence in Asia. His responsibilities included identifying and securing suitable partnerships within the Asia Pacific market

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