Sustainable Procurement Advisory

Governments and companies are solidifying their commitment to the environmental and social agenda. Moreover, customers are demanding strict adherence from their suppliers, which is creating ripple effects throughout the supply chain, where the common agenda is to comply with regulations, reduce harmful environmental impact and ensure responsible sourcing.

There are several benefits to implementing sustainability into a business. Some of these include:

  • Improving brand image

  • Competitive advantage

  • Compliance with regulations & customers

  • Employee retention

  • Attractiveness to consumers and investors

  • Reduction in costs & increase in profit

How Can We Help You?

  • Are you or your stakeholders placing increasing emphasis and demanding a more environmentally and socially conscious approach?

  • Is your company recognizing the need and benefits to transition into a more sustainable business?

  • Moreover, are you aware that to become a fully sustainable business, you must extend beyond the boundaries of your company and integrate sustainability into the supply chain?

Good. At Einvala, we recognize that despite having the ambition, the complexities of initiating and integrating sustainability into the business can be challenging.

We believe that the first step in becoming a more sustainable enterprise is to acknowledge the need and willingly embrace sustainability within and beyond organizational boundaries.

Focus should be on developing a viable solution to integrate corporate sustainability, be proactive on ESG regulations affecting the industry, and expand the sustainable strategy, involving stakeholders in the entire supply chain.

Our dedicated services for your company include:

Sustainable Procurement Support

  • Einvala will advise our clients on how to develop a sustainable procurement strategy. We will help getting started and support with the development of an environmental and social compliant supply chain. We make it our mission to help our clients neutralize harmful impacts and ensure responsible sourcing by:

  • Aligning with internal departments and understand current sustainability policies

  • Assess current procurement processes

  • Evaluate ESG regulations that impact your flow of supplies

  • Evaluate current supplier hotspots

  • Set ambitious procurement targets

  • Engage suppliers and communicate your new sustainable procurement strategy

  • Development of evaluation criteria for the future supplier

  • Develop specific internal & external Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring and reporting to align with your strategy

  • Support with finding the right technology partner to ensure a reliable and validated reporting framework

Sustainability Co-development Training

  • The purpose is to educate our clients suppliers and establish a common understanding between their organization and their suppliers regarding key sustainability topics (e.g. see below), the ESG regulations affecting the industry, and the specific sustainable supply chain strategy and reporting tools they expect suppliers to adhere to. We will of course co-create the curriculum together with our client to understand their strategic objectives and deadlines, then communicate that towards the suppliers. Creating a calibrated and aligned sustainable procurement approach.

Sustainability Training

  • The first step in transitioning a company into a more sustainable business is to gain a basic understanding of key topics and how to start the process. The purpose of this training and knowledge sharing is to disseminate comprehensive information on key sustainability topics across our clients organization, specific teams, or individuals. Understanding these topics is crucial for any business that intends to transition into a more environmentally and socially conscious enterprise. Topics include (but are not limited to):

Sustainability Support:

  • Each company are at a different stage of their sustainability journey and have unique requirements. With our expertise and that of our collaboration partners, we can discuss and offer tailored bespoke support and consulting services.

For support or more information feel free to reach out to or use below contact form.

  • Benefits of Sustainability integration

  • Environmental Sustainability and CSR

  • Single and Double Materiality Analysis

  • Scope 1, 2 & 3 definitions

  • GHG Protocol methodologies

  • Science Based Targets

  • Circularity & Waste management

  • ESG regulations & Frameworks

  • Reporting and disclosure tools

  • Sustainable Procurement

  • Scope 3 KPI Setting

  • Supplier engagement

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