Sustainable Procurement Strategies

The future of corporate sustainability is evident. Governments and companies are establishing environmental and social sustainability targets, which suppliers must adhere to. This necessitates a shift in the current business paradigm, where sustainability is no longer on the periphery but must be integrated into the matrix alongside cost, quality, and delivery. At Einvala, we possess a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and the necessary measures for companies to align with their stakeholders in the future

How Can We Help You?

"Does your company have the ambition or need to transition into a more sustainable business? Are your current or potential customers demanding a more environmentally and socially conscious approach? Do these demands extend beyond your company's scope and into your supply chain?

At Einvala, we understand that you have the ambition, but figuring out where to start and how to execute sustainability within your organisation and supply chain network can be quite complex and time-consuming. Therefore, we have made it our mission to help and support you in this endeavour. We offer the following services for your company:"

Our Services

  1. ESG Support: We assist in creating materiality analysis, setting targets, and assessing your current ESG performance to transform your business. This involves generating specific ideas and projects that can reshape your corporate brand into a more sustainable and conscientious entity. With our understanding of relevant requirements we will help you certify sustainable actions and avoid any future misalignment towards your customers.

  2. Scope 3 Strategy: Develop specific strategies and targets for your supply chain to meet your customers' demands for 2030 and 2050 environmental and social sustainability targets. We collaborate with you and your suppliers to ensure responsible sourcing.

  3. Sustainability Training: We offer training and workshops for your company and/or your partners to enhance their understanding of sustainability in general, your specific focus areas, regulations and strategies, and the actions needed to achieve them.

  4. Project Management Support: Does your company have specific sustainability projects that you find challenging to execute due to a lack of local understanding? We can serve as your anchor point in Asia

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