Complementary Sustainability Services

At Einvala we acknowledge, that we cannot cover all products and services within sustainability. But with the help from our many partners, we are able to address both environmental and social solutions to enhance our clients business operations and optimize their manufacturing facilities. We offer global and regional specific solutions for Vietnam and Asia. Value is is closer than you think.

What We Offer

Environmental Solutions:

  • State of the art Carbon Management Software (Cloud & On-Premise) trusted by fortune 500 companies (covering scope 1,2 & 3):

    1. Corporate Carbon Accounting, Carbon Product Accounting, Supply Chain Carbon Accounting.

    2. Science based target setting, Certifications services, Offsetting services, Carbon Optimisation strategies.

  • Solar Power Installation (Project, Rooftop, Floating):

    1. Technical advisory, Permitting, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Operations & Management (O&M).

    2. Solar power, Organic waste treatment and sustainable farming.

  • Energy Optimisation at factories:

    1. Energy Optimization at facilities, Advisory & Audits, Wastewater, Organic waste, Biochar solutions.

    2. Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Environmental footprint reduction strategies (energy, carbon, water).

    3. Environmental Awareness Workshops, Carbon Emissions Sequestration and compensation.

  • Circular Economy Strategy & Implementation:

    1. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Circular Economy Maturity Assessment (CEMA).

    2. Zero Waste strategy, Feedstock Compliance, Traceability Standards, Industrial Waste Compliance, EPR.

    3. Knowledge sessions for relevant personnel; how to integrate circularity into the business model.

  • Real-time ESG data Infrastructure:

    1. Real-time Monitoring of electricity, water usage, waste, heating/cooling, vehicles, and social impact data across industries.

    2. GRI, SASB, APLMA, ICMA compliance and ISO 27001 Data security.

  • Local ESG Consulting & Training:

    1. ESG consulting & green transition services in English and Vietnamese to global and local companies with operations in Vietnam. Topics range from e.g. climate change, energy optimization, waste, social.

    2. Products include Greenhouse Gas Inventory, ESG reports, LCA Support etc..

  • Truck Fleet Fuel Management & Decarbonization:

    1. Streamlining fleet expense payment through digital platform management.

    2. Fuel expense saving, supply chain reporting, detailed emission reporting and analysis.

  • Sustainability Audit & Certifications:

    1. ESG Due Diligence, consulting and assessments.

    2. ISO and other relevant certificates for local factories to meet international standards.

Social Sustainability Solutions:

  • Clean Water & Health Awareness Programs:

    1. Clean & high-quality water for factory workers in HCMC, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Clean water quality & safety sessions, and recycling of water jugs.

    2. Community project engagement; clean & safe water in rural Cambodia.

  • Mental Health Support for Employees:

    1. Mental health workshops for facility workers - increase in overall employee satisfaction.

    2. Dedicated team of psychologists, to help and support your employees work conditions.

  • Tailor Made Sustainable Travel – Private, Corporate & Events:

    1. Private & Corporate sustainable travel solutions - discover the gems of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia.

    2. Events, conferences, corporate retreats, team building. Focus on social impact for local communities.

  • External communication branding & content creation in Vietnamese and English:

    1. FDI Content Series, Sustainability Branding in Vietnam, ESG Content creation, E-learnings, Internal sustainability training and awareness sessions.

    2. Local alliance of sustainability professionals, workshops and sustainable talent pools.

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